How Come Some People Read A Book Or Go To A Seminar And Suddenly They Get Rich?

When we want to get rich, we always think about what to do to earn big chunks of money. This proved to be the reason why many people end up disappointed and without money. Just follow this simple principle you'll be well under way to true financial independance.

Each one of us have divine gifts or talents to make ourselves as rich as we want. We're all born naked and equal.


There're many educated and uneducated people who are poor. The principle I am bout teach you can be easily applied by anyone, regardless your educational background and place.


Getting rich has nothing to do with your education. People who did not complete school, like Bill Gates of Microsft, are rich too! Good education only serves to give you the skills to do the job. And it doens't guarantee riches.


And the good news is that you can also get rich like anyone else. It's your birthright.

All it takes is to start with the end in mind. Just like a builder who first sees the house he wants to build in his mind's eye. And suddenly he is charged with energy to put the plan on paper and implements it. And sooner the house he thought of is built, complete and beatiful as imagined.


But please don't make a mistake to think that it's magic, it's not. But mind over matter. The mind's ability to set things in motion. To bring help from afar and to co-ordinate proccesses. And provide energy and resources for the builder's 'mind house' to be build according to his faith.


"According to your faith be it unto you", said Jesus.


The faith that is caused and strengthened by holding the picture of the house in the builder's mind.

Don't rest before you put this principle to test. Neither overlook it. Put it to test to the thing that you want just like our builder. And you'll start manifesting change in your financial life. Because it's one of the best way to get rich now.

© Humphrey Khoana, Best way to get rich

Stop Struggling You Are Rich!